Personality Test: Which Birch & Bell Employee Are You Most Like?

Have you ever wondered who your Birch & Bell bestie would be or which employee probably understands your style the most? Well, look no further! We have created a personality test that best aligns with someone on our staff that may be the best at helping you put together your next dream outfit. Keep track of your answers and tally up each letter you choose. The most of one letter you have; that will be your B&B counterpart! So let's get started...

1. Your significant other gives you ONLY ten minutes to shop at B&B while you're in Auburn. Where do you look first?

a. The sale rack duh

b. The new arrivals

c. The shoes

d. In the windows because those mannequins always look better dressed than me

2. What are your go to bottoms?

a. Jeans 

b. Leggings

c. Shorts

d. Skirts

3. You have a gift card to B&B. What do you do with it?

a. Save that puppy

b. *Adds everything online to cart*

c. It's already gone and I blacked out at B&B the moment I walked in

d. Limit yourself to one item per week because new arrivals happen every week

4. You have half an hour to do your hair so you can have a girls day in Auburn. What are you going to do with that amount of time?

a. Curl it

b. Claw clip it back

c. Messy bun alllll the wayyy but add a scrunchie

d. Wear a brimmed hat because I don't have time to shower

5. What Hyde and Alchemy number do you use? (If you don't have one; you have to smell them because they are AMAZING) 

a. Bondi

b. 14

c. 20

d. 7

6. Your closet colors are mostly...

a. White

b. Tan

c. Pink

d. Black

7. You can't live without this closet staple....

a. Sweater and leggings

b. Loungewear because kids. 

c. Jean Jacket

d. Booties

8. Which three words describe your personality the best?

a. Bubbly, kind, helpful

b. Passionate, selfless, leader

c. Hard working, dedicated, determined

d. Sarcastic, comical, witty

9. If Matt Souers (our original warehouse worker) was to buy you Starbucks. What would he know to order you?

a. Strawberry Refresher WITHOUT lemonade

b. Vanilla latte with almond milk

c. Strawberry Refresher WITH lemonade

d. You change it up so often that you can't even keep track

10. If you were to hang out with any B&B employee. Which one would you choose?

a. Macy

b. Steph

c. Hannah

d. Kylie

Congrats you finished the quiz! Let's tally up those letter options you picked and find the letter you choose the most so that your B&B counterpart can be revealed!

If you chose mostly...

a. MACY- you're super giggly and LOVE to help people! You know exactly what you want and are not afraid to tell people what you like and dislike. You can put together a cute outfit in a snap and look good when doing it! You're mature but also know how to have a good time!

b. STEPH- you're a boss lady and know how to reach your goals! You rock at multitasking while keeping others' best interests in mind. You would take the new B&B shirt off your back for those you care about. You're creative and can put together an outfit that is outrageous but also cute!

c. HANNAH- you know how to keep the party going wherever you are! You adore fashion and aren't a quitter when it comes to racking up those B&B points. You're a natural born leader and are confident in who you are and where you came from. You are definitely a social butterfly and know how to call the shots. 

d. KYLIE- you can't take anything seriously and always have an amusing remark on deck. You work well with others and can get along with anyone. You enjoy making people laugh and instilling confidence in them. You do your best to make others smile and feel silly. 


Now that you know which B&B employee you're most like; have them help you put together an outfit that encompasses you because it sounds like they might understand your fashion just as much as you do ;) You can also send us a message or email us at! 





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