Jean Size Guide: What You Need To Know Before Deciding On Denim

Happy New Year!

Do you ever feel as though your New Year's resolution is ALWAYS to...

1. Lose weight

2. Go to the gym

You just feel as though your clothes don't fit like they used to or you would like to see yourself wearing something outside of your comfort zone but don't because it "doesn't look right" on you. Well, jeans can have that effect on us especially when there are SO MANY brands ranging in sizes from numeric value (size 3) to waist (size 25). I mean, how are we supposed to guess the right size on the first try and feel confident in the fit when sometimes it isn't your typical size. For example, a boyfriend jean such as the Kancan Ann Boyfriend Jean won't fit the same as the Vervet Kylee Jean because the styles are completely different but they do have their respective seat at the table. 

So lets compare the Kancan Ann Boyfriend Jean vs the Vervet Kylee Jean

The Vervet Kylee Jean is a skinny jean that is composed of 93% Cotton, 5% Polyester, and 2% Spandex. While the Kancan Ann Boyfriend Jean is composed of 100% Cotton. Just knowing the overall composition of fabric in your jeans can already give you a hint on what size you should wear. The Vervet Kylee Jean has more stretch in the waist given that is has more spandex than the Kancan Ann Boyfriend Jean so your typical size should apply. The Kancan Ann Boyfriend Jean is 100% Cotton so it won't have as much stretch in the waist so therefore; it is best if you size up one size if you're in-between two sizes when buying these jeans. 

Now let's move on to the brands. Kancan has been a staple brand for Birch and Bell but we're always open to new brands that make our customers (yes, that's you ;) feel beautiful! We started carrying Vervet By Flying Monkey in late 2021. If you've shopped with us recently; you've seen that the jean sizing for these two brands is slightly different. Kancan sizes are numeric/waist (7/27) while Vervet By Flying Monkey is just waist (27) but the waist size is still the same in both brands and styles. From this, it is best to use your waist size when trying to figure out what jeans work best. A typical rule of thumb if you are used to buying numeric jeans sizes that are even, your odd numeric size should be the middle number. For example, you usually wear a size 4 or 6 in even numeric size jeans so you'll most likely wear a size 5/27 in odd numeric size jeans.  

Birch & Bell offers a variety of sizes, styles, and brands that can be utilized by any body type. If you ever need help finding your jean size in a specific style you've been dying to see just ask one of our sales associates and they would be happy to assist you! You can also send us a message or email us at Just remember, don't let a jean size define your worth or compromise your confidence. 

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