Atlanta Market 2022

Have you ever wondered what Market is like? We have the skinny for you!

Steph and Hannah headed down to Atlanta and definitely shopped till they dropped. It could NOT have been done without YOU...and Matt because someone had to take care of sweet, baby Noah while Steph was doing her thing!  

We attended Market the first week of February and this was our second time going to Market. "Market" occurs multiple times a year and all around the United States but we have only attended the market in Atlanta, GA and have loved it! We are looking into going to other markets around the US in the future but right now Atlanta has been perfect every time!

Here's the scoop on what is ON TREND this season! We were so excited to see what was going to be HOT this upcoming season! We saw bright colors (pinks, oranges, blues), wide leg jeans, floral pattern dresses, beaded jewelry, lighter tones of leather, patterned shoes, and styling involving multiple textures. Mannequins were rocking denim shirts, floral flowy shorts, bright tanks and colored jeans with graphic tees. We have so much BOLD COLOR coming in stock and we think our customers are going to be obsessed with everything new. 

We met with our usual vendors at Market too! These vendors do their best to give us quality products in a timely manner and give us tips for what is coming into style. Meeting new vendors is also important so we can provide a wide range of styles and sizes for you! The vendors take up multiple floors of this HUGE mall in Atlanta. There is about 14 floors and each floor has specific products such as jewelry, shoes, accessories etc.  

Let us know what you want to see next time we go to Market or when we're shopping online for this upcoming season! 


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