Redeemed. Renewed. Restored.

2020 is now behind us and we are all ready for the fresh start that 2021 brings. Every new year is like a fresh beginning to create new healthy habits, set new goals, and break away from the hardships of the past year to refocus on a new start. 

We are so excited for our new tee that beautifully represents what this fresh start looks like:

Redeemed: I think 2020 will go down as the year that we gave ourselves grace. We may have had anxiety from everything that was happening in the world around us and there was very little we could do about it. We also may have started some bad habits from staying at home and not having our normal routine and rhythm. We now can make a choice to redeem ourselves from the past and get ready to refocus on putting new habits into place and focusing our mindset on the positive.

Renewed: Go into this year feeling renewed and full of hope. The trials you faced in the past had a purpose and you are stronger because of it. 

Restored: There so much uncertainty of what our normal will look like. We hope that things can be restored to being better than ever before and we can get into our new rhythm. Even if that doesn’t happen, we can still choose to restore our thoughts on what is good and put our faith in God who has everything in His control.

As believers, we also know that we are redeemed, renewed and restored because of what Christ did for us on the cross. Jesus has redeemed us from our sins and we can have hope that He is continually working in us and through us. Even when we fall short, He loves and cares for us. The burdens of this world are heavy but keeping our focus on things above will renew us and give us hope. 

We hope that with whatever you are facing, or whatever trial you are going through, that your hope can be restored this year and that your faith can be lifted. Focus your eyes on the good and the blessings around you. Remind yourself that God is good, His plans are good, and that He loves you.

We love you too. 

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